Midlands Messenger Service, Inc.
PO Box 6536
Lincoln, NE 68506

Omaha: 402-537-1943
Lincoln: 402-434-6055

Delivery Area
Our Mission
About Midlands Messenger Service

When you hire a delivery service, you are putting your business on the line - how well they deliver reflects on your company as well as their's. Fortunately, at Midlands Messenger Service, Inc. we deliver...and more.

Delivery when requested
If you request a 2-hour delivery, it will be there within two hours. That should always be a given, but with Midlands Messenger, it is reality.

Drivers representing you well
In addition to smiles, our drivers wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. We leave a positive impression with the recipient of your package...reflecting favorably on you.

Additional Services Available
  • Routine Scheduled Service
  • After Hours Service
  • C.O.D. Deliveries